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Is It Better to Use a Ready-mix Concrete Delivery Service, or Mix Your Own?

What is ready-mix concrete delivery?

Ready-mix concrete delivery, also known as pre-mixed concrete, or mini concrete trucks, is a service used by many individuals and contractors working on both private residential, commercial, civil, and industrial projects.

At the batch plant where the concrete is manufactured, it gets loaded into a truck which has a rotating drum mixer set at an angle.

​Within the drum are blades which turn in a spiral, allowing the concrete to load and mix when the drum turns in either direction.

Once loaded, the truck is driven to the site where the concrete is required, constantly mixing the product inside to ensure optimum consistency at the time of arrival and pour. 

What are the other DIY options for concrete mixing?

Mix concrete by hand

This can be a relatively time-consuming process, which involves the mixing of gravel or sharp sand together with cement and then water in a wheelbarrow or similar container.

You will also need to take care to measure the mixes of each ingredient correctly and blend it to get the correct consistency.

​This method is labour intensive but is a potential option if you only need a very small amount for repairing cracks or holes.  

workers mixing concrete in an orange cement mixer drum

Use a cement-mixer

If you have some construction experience yourself, or you know someone who can work a cement mixer, then you may be considering utilising this piece of machinery for your project.

However, this is a slightly more complex tactic, and requires 2 to 3 persons. You will need someone to mix, someone to move the concrete by wheelbarrow to the area for laying, and the third to form it once it has been dumped in place.

The difficulty of using a cement mixer should also not be underestimated: it is easy to add too much water and ruin the consistency of your mix.

Benefits of using ready mix concrete delivery trucks

Faster completion time

By using our expert concrete delivery service, your construction process will be more streamlined. You won’t face the delays you may otherwise experience when attempting to coordinate the mixing of multiple batches yourself. 

Reduced labour costs

​As a secondary benefit arising from a faster completion time, you will find that you have fewer expenses on labour, saving you money and leaving some extra room in the budget for anything else you might need. 

Guaranteed quality

Because the concrete is pre-mixed under controlled conditions, the quality and consistency are assured.

If you take on the responsibility of mixing yourself, you may end up with an inferior product, which could result in defects in your finished project.

By ordering a mini mix concrete truck, you mitigate this risk, as there are strict controls and testing of the materials during the manufacturing process.


Preparing the site for your concrete pour is perhaps the most important part of building using concrete.

Allow yourself more time to focus on this, with no need to worry about timing your own concrete mixing. You can schedule your ready-mixed concrete to arrive at exactly the time you need, ready to pour.

​Depending on your requirements, the equipment will be suitable for purpose: A short chute or a long chute can be used in different situations. 

Less waste

With small batch concrete delivery, you can order exactly the amount which you need for the job (best practise is to order 5-10% extra so you have some spare). This removes the need for guesswork: simply calculate the length, width, and depth, and multiply them together for regular 3D rectangular shapes.

You will also find many helpful calculators online to help you with irregularly shaped areas.

​Less waste means you don’t have the issue of disposing of any unused concrete that’s remaining, which can be inconvenient as well as costly. 

Environmentally friendly

Our concrete is delivered by experienced workers who know how to make the least disturbance to your site and incur minimum ground waste.

This can contribute to a cleaner site and superior finish, with little impact on your immediate surroundings.

​The fact that you will have less waste product also benefits the environment. 

Mixing own concrete vs. concrete delivery: which method is right for me?

There are many benefits to using a pre-mixed concrete taxi service such as Canberra Concrete Delivery.

However, hand-mixing and using a cement mixer are still viable choices if the conditions are right; you only need a very tiny amount, or you have the time, labour, experience, and access to a cement mixer.

​All-in-all, every situation is different and if you’re unclear about whether ready-mix concrete delivery is right for you, you can always give us a call and speak to a helpful expert!

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