Green Concrete

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At Canberra Concrete Delivery we not only deliver structural concrete and decorative concrete, we also deliver green concrete. Green concrete is an Earth-friendly way to meet the requirements of your next concrete related project. Green concrete is made up of recyclable materials, it also oftentimes is manufactured in a way that is not harmful to our environment. These days many people and businesses are electing to go with green concrete for their next concrete project. This is a socially responsible option in today’s world. We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions about green concrete.


Green concrete is a material that is much more friendly to the environment than traditional concrete. In most cases, green concrete uses at least one waist type material in its make up. This is a fantastic form of recycling. The production of green concrete does not lead to nearly as much environmental destruction as the production of traditional concrete products. Green concrete also offers high performance and is very durable. For this reason, concrete will need to be replaced less and this will result in a more earth friendly construction project.


In most cases, green concrete is made up of raw materials. These raw materials have oftentimes been recycled. These recycled materials can include flying ash and aluminium can fibres. Who would have thought that when you are recycling your aluminium cans you are contributing to the production of new green concrete? Green concrete also uses less energy in its production and therefore produces less carbon dioxide when directly compared to normal structural and decorative concrete. If you have any questions about the makeup or the materials that go into green concrete please give us a call today, we would be happy to offer information.


Just like with our structural concrete delivery, we strive to deliver our green concrete based on a schedule that works for you and your team. We want to make sure that our delivery keeps your project moving forward in the right direction. When you call our team to discuss green local concrete delivery, be sure to let us know your preferred schedule. In almost all cases we can accommodate your needs. During delivery, our team will work fast to ensure that the product is ready for you to work with very quickly. We look forward to delivering you your next batch of green concrete.

Sustainable Development

In this day and age sustainable development is very important. Often times when a company is looking to construct a new project they are considering many different factors. In recent generations, the impact of projects on our environment has been considered to be more and more important. Green concrete is one of the most important ways to ensure that a new development is sustainable. We anticipate seeing green concrete being used more and more in future generations. As we all work together to fight against climate change, sustainable development needs to be prioritized.

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